Storage at controlled temperature (<18ºC)

We have the capacity to store 5,700 euro pallets between room and controlled temperature in our facility, with a weight per pallet of up to 1,000 kilos. We add value by controlling the temperature of products that theoretically do not need it. There are only food products in our facility.

Refrigerated storage (2-6ºC)

We can house up to 3,700 euro pallets, both in conventional racking and in dynamic roller racks, with temperature monitored at all times and with alarm systems in case of incidents.


No doubt this is our strong point.
We are specialists in preparing orders by picking, considering all the usual requirements. We work with voice picking, reducing errors to negligible rates. In addition to following a strict FEFO, we meet all the minimum product life requirements upon delivery, configurable by item, by the item-recipient combination, etc. Of course, our preparation can be adapted to each recipient, reference by pallet, mono-lot, assembly by layer, assembly by column or other requirements. For greater guarantee we do additional checks prior to loading.

National and International Distribution

We have collaboration agreements with the most recognized transport companies in the sector. Their volumes, together with ours, mean that costs and emissions to the environment can be optimized.

Regional Delivery-Collection

We can arrange personalized deliveries within the province of Valencia. Flexibility to do it on the same day, with own routes established by the client, etc.

Bulk loading and unloading

Option to load or unload merchandise without palletizing, to maximizing container space.

Office rental

Offices, meeting, and exhibition rooms fully available.

Packaging development

We work with the main packaging manufacturers and make our know-how in this area available to our clients.

Handling operations, promotions, re-labeling

Complete process for the development of activities that are sporadic in the business, such as promotional campaigns. We do everything from the purchase of the communicator element itself, to the design of the operation, optimization of the assembly process and its control.

Logistics Consulting

If you need help solving a logistical problem of any kind, we can be a convenient option to have more brains pushing together and make your project move faster. No one knows your case better than you, but we can provide you with “arms” or other points of view.